Hybrid City Stroller with City Axle

 In Hybrid Edge

The edge is a single stroller that can be converted to a tandem or city stroller if required. The conversion only requires a simple operation of swapping the rear axle.

The city stroller is a highly maneuverable stroller perfectly designed for the urban environment. The rear wheels measure an incredibly narrow 55cm across.Either start with a Hybrid city stroller or convert your edge or tandem stroller to a city by swapping the rear axle.

Available in Lava Red, Phantom Black, Stonewash, Pistachio, Simply Navy, Wild Orchid, Mineral Blue.  

Bizziebaby Silver Award winners 2017 Stroller Category 


Product Tested By Rae Caslin – Esmae 7 Months

Rae Awarded The Hybrid City Stroller with City Axle 5/5

Looked stylish and great quality when arrived. The instructions were very simple and easy to follow. The product was easy to erect, you didn’t even need to follow the instructions because it was so simple just on a glance. It’s slightly hard to fold away when you have to hold the button and pull the silver lever while holding your baby and not being in a safe enough to place them down (road, street etc.). I’ve used 2 other pushchairs and my daughter always seemed to struggle with getting comfortable in them and would start to fidget and moan/cry after 15 minutes use. However, this pushchair she sits comfortably and happily for long periods of time! The lever to prop the seat up or lay down for napping is simple and the height adjustments are perfect. The Safety harness is very easy to adjust, very secure. Had no problems and my daughter likes to fidget a lot. The ‘push’ to release the harness further is very simple and easy when you have to fight a toddler against sitting down! I have to say shopping is a joy. I would say the pushchair is slightly a little too wide at times, which unfortunately even with the changeable wheels this doesn’t change. However, I wouldn’t deduct a point just because of this, as it really is just a very small issue. Definitely practical! I love the fact you can make the basket shorter or wider if needs be and also the front propping up to make sure groceries stay inside! The basket slightly drags when going up/down curbs with stuff inside which is a little annoying at times, but again not worth deducting a point! For showers the hood is very useful. However, it doesn’t block enough sunlight on either side of the pushchair so my daughter still struggles to see. Whenever it’s bright I have to always pull the entire hood over her so on a bright day perspective I would say it doesn’t work very well. It fits perfectly into the boot of our car. It folds down just enough to be able to fit nicely and with a couple of bags also. The fabric is very hard wearing but is also soft enough for babies. The handlebar is very comfortable, probably one of the better products I have used and especially good for long days! This is very easy to steer. I was slightly sceptical at the beginning as the pushchair is so lightweight and easy to glide I didn’t know how it would cope in rain, although I am yet to try the product in icy weather. Very easy on sand, I think because the wheels aren’t proper blow up tyres and a different material it helps the pushchair to be lightweight enough to make it not an issue to push on grass or sand. It’s very sleek and aesthetically pleasing. I love the black/brown colour scheme. I think the design is very well thought out. There is one thing however that I would change that does become annoying, which is the zip pocket on the back. The tag sits in the way so it isn’t very easy to open and close without using 2 hands to move it out of the way every time. Yes great value. I’ve seen pushchairs for far more money which doesn’t amount to the price you pay and the quality is fantastic. Overall I think the pushchair is very well made, nice quality, pleasing on the eye and easy to assemble and take apart as well as being easy to push around on multiple surfaces. I would purchase, especially if I had purchased the entire set from the beginning of my pregnancy. I’ll make sure anyone I know who is about to start a family know about this specific pushchair as it’s a joy to use every day, never any hassle and always fast to get out of the door and put my daughter in. Overall I think the pushchair is very well thought and put together. It’s very smooth and super easy to operate as well as being lightweight. I’ve no problems putting together and folding when necessary. It’s very sturdy and compared to two others I’ve tried, this one has been the best by far. Worth every penny! Rae Caslin – Esmae 7 Months

Product Tested By Bonnie Lamas – Eadie 8 Months

Bonnie Awarded The Hybrid City Stroller with City Axle 4.5/5

The product overall, is very appealing. The shade of the fabrics is lovely, and hardwearing. The frame looks sturdy, but compact and the leather handlebar/bumper bar add a touch of luxury. The instructions are simple, easy to use and extremely clear. I did not encounter any difficulties whilst using the instruction manual. The use of pictures/diagrams was also beneficial. I liked that the warranty and maintenance details were also included in the instruction booklet. I managed to fully erect the product in less than five minutes which I was very pleased with. The wheels easily slotted into place without any force or difficulty and then it was a simple matter of just attaching the seat unit which I also had no problems with. Once folded, the pram can be easily reopened and erected with one easy movement which was perfect when I was out with Eadie alone! Considering its decent size, I was pleasantly surprised at how compact and neat the pram folds down. Once the seat is removed which I was able to do without any problems, the chassis easily folds down into a nice size in one movement. The added handle for transportation of the chassis was one of my favourite features as it made it much easier to carry and saved you potentially getting dirty from the frame/wheels. On first impressions, I found the fabric to be slightly tough although my Daughter did not agree as she was quick to fall asleep once placed in the seat unit. The different reclining positions make the seat perfect for a growing baby who likes to sit up and see the world but also wants to be laid flat for a nap. I also really liked the calf support as I found this gave you an extra degree of flexibility and options with naps and little legs. On the other hand however, due to the suspension in the chassis, I did find that my Daughter was bounced around slightly at the smallest bump in the pavement which did result in interrupted sleep. I found the safety harness easy to use yet still very safe and I don’t think as my Daughter’s grows she will be able to undo it which is obviously an important factor. The button was tight but not too difficult and the straps were easily adjusted and fitted well. I found shopping with the product slightly difficult as due to its limited basket size and depth I was unable to store many products here. As the chassis is quite light I was also worried that hanging bags on the handlebar would easily cause it to tip over. It is however, very compact in size and I found that it would fit easily in lifts/ through small doorways which was a big positive. As the front wheels also swivel I found it was very manoeuvrable. I found the shopping basket very disappointing and would say it was the only real problem I encountered with the pram. Due to its lack of depth I rarely used it as I was worried that anything I did put in there I would quickly lose. If the basket depth was improved and the basket featured a drawstring opening I feel this pram would be pretty much perfect. I found the built in sun canopy very useful for that extra bit of coverage and shade. The fact that it was attached I really liked as it saved carrying any extra accessories and could just be quickly folded out when necessary. When not in use, you didn’t even know it was there either. Considering this pram is not a stroller, it fitted perfectly into the boot of my car. I was able to fit the seat unit on top of the chassis on one side of the boot allowing me to still be able to get other bits into my boot which is rare with a pram of this size. The fabric of the pram feels very hardwearing which is perfect for a growing baby with all their spills. I did however; feel this made the fabric feel slightly rough to the touch. It is durable, and does not feel like it will be easily damaged or marked though. Due to its front swivel wheels I found the pram extremely manoeuvrable, on lots of different surfaces. As the chassis is also light, I found I was easily able to steer the pram with one hand which can come in very useful with a young baby and a child! The choice of different wheels and axel just adds to this level of easy movement. I found the product was easy to steer on both pavement, grass and I also did actually get to test it on some ice/snow! Throughout all of these different surfaces steering and movement was easy, although the suspension did mean my Daughter could sometimes be bounced around a lot. Overall, I really loved the design and quality of this product. I found it was adaptable, compact and easy to use yet still provided comfort and durability. The chassis is light yet still feels sturdy and the wheels offer a good degree of movement and choice with the axel. If I was to have another child, I feel it could be perfect with its range of options for car seats/carrycot and seat designs. The basket depth and the suspension is the only factors I would say do unfortunately, let this product down. I do find a decent sized basket an important factor when choosing a pram and the fact that my Daughter’s sleep was often interrupted due to the bumps was also slightly disappointing. I feel that the product offered very good value for money, especially for those purchasing this pram with the possibility of having more children. The leather features make it look luxurious and also limit the possibility of ripped/ worn handles which I liked. The fact that the rain cover/ insect net are also included is nice, as with most other prams these accessories have to be purchased separately which all adds to the initial cost. In general, I really love the pram and find it fits in with my family/lifestyle perfectly due to its size and movement options. My Daughter is comfy in it and my Partner can also easily push it due to its height options. Once the weather warms up, the added sunshade and insect net are going to prove invaluable. I would certainly purchase if the shopping basket was improved. I would definitely recommend this product to others, especially those with multiple children or small cars/storage places. I have thoroughly enjoyed using this product and I’m sure as my Daughter grows this will continue. It’s easy to use, fold and carry; the fabrics are a lovely colour and are hardwearing. It can be unfolded easily which is important for Mummy’s out by themselves and my baby enjoys being in it! Apart from somewhere bigger to store the shopping what more could a little girl and her Mummy want! Bonnie Lamas – Eadie 8 Months

Product Tested By Jodie Harvey – James 7 Months

Jodie Awarded The Hybrid City Stroller with City Axle 4.6/5

My initial impression was that it looked stylish, trendy and practical. Really good quality! Instructions are in a booklet rather than just on paper they are very easy to follow and also illustrated which is very handy. Super easy to assemble, no tools needed and didn’t take me long at all. Very easy to fold in just a few easy steps. My 7 month old son loved his time in the Hybrid Edge Stroller; the seat is well padded and reclined to various positions for when he was napping. I found the harness very secure but a little difficult to work out how to adjust at first. A little fiddly and do prefer them to adjust from the front. We loved shopping with the Hybrid, very easy to steer around the stores thanks to the front swivel wheels, even the shops with tight aisles. Decent size basket, but when loaded it tends to catch on high curbs when coming up/going down. Love the hood, especially as it is extendable. Perfect for blocking the elements. Quite large when folded but we just about got it into the (small) boot of a Yaris. The fabric is lovely and thick and very easily cleaned which is perfect. Very easy, light and smooth to steer on pavements. Brilliant! I love how practical it is, how it grows with your child(ren). This does offer good value. High price tag but the price reflects the quality. Love everything about this, the style, design, how easy it is to use/fold. Perfect for any family. I would consider purchasing this. I would definitely recommend. – It’s an amazing product, so stylish, beautifully designed and super lightweight! You get what you pay for – QUALITY. We have loved testing the new Hybrid Edge Stroller, from the second I opened it I knew it would be brilliant and I wasn’t wrong! The seat can be outward or parent facing and only takes seconds to change position; the seat also has multiple reclining positions, perfect for different ages! The handle has a height setting which we found brilliant as there is quite a height difference between my partner and I so we were able to adjust to suit, it is also reinforced with a tougher material to prevent wear and tear, as is the bumper bar and calf support. The raincover included was a little bit disappointing, once it’s on there is no way to access your child unless you lift the whole of the front off but other than that it does the job and covers nicely. Overall I am super impressed with this product and would highly recommend! Jodie Harvey – James 7 Months

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