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Why You Will Love BabyStyle SA

BabyStyle is a much-loved and trusted UK brand, which has won tons of awards in the UK and Europe, and is finally in South Africa.

BabyStyle is all about freedom, individual style and taking the time to smell the roses and enjoy parenting.

For parents with a sense of style and fun, these prams and strollers are like nothing you have seen in South Africa before.

BabyStyle Choices

First of all, we believe in giving parents freedom of choice.

BabyStyle Imp is fun, stylish and – happily – surprisingly affordable.  You can get one of Europe’s most stylish prams, on a budget! Loaded with features this travel system gives you BabyStyle quality for less.

BabyStyle Oyster, our premium range, gives you the choice of ‘building’ your own pram, with the BabyStyle guarantee of only the best quality materials and latest tech and innovation.

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3:


Baby Style1.      Choose Your Chassis

Not content with offering the same-old grey chassis, BabyStyle lets you choose:

  1. If you want something that reflects your inner style, then the mirror chassis is the perfect finish to your pram.
  2. If you are all about subtle luxury, the black satin chassis will win you over with its liquorice sheen and matt texture.

2.      Choose Your Colour PackOyster 2 Lime Colour Pack

Now that you have chosen your chassis, you can start having fun colouring in the lines.

How will you dress your pram? BabyStyle offers these fun colour packs to choose from for your hood, seat liner, car seat head hugger, apron and carry bag:

Want more great news? You don’t have to get just one colour – you can buy as many colour packs as you like, and dress your pram up to match you or your baby, or however the fancy takes you.

Oyster 2 Bottle Holder3.      Choose Your Accessories

Now that you have dressed your super stylish, one-of-a-kind pram, it’s time to choose from our list of useful pram accessories:

  • Foot muffs, keeping little feet warm on cold, winter days.
  • Changing bags, to match your pram’s colour pack.
  • Parasol, for wet or sunny days.
  • Oyster Tray, for feeding on the go.
  • Bottle Holder, for hands-free fun.
  • Ride on Board, for older sibling who enjoy a free ride

So what are you waiting for?

Start shopping!

We’ll even drop your pram off at your door, because we know you can’t stand waiting a minute longer to get your hands on your new BabyStyle pram.

Stroll. Don’t strut.

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